Some classics. Some rookies.

We always have those few staples you can depend on. But as a small brewery, you can also bet there’s something new to try. Come visit us and see for yourself.

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On Tap Now

We brew small-batch beers every season, but not all of them get canned or bottled. Here’s a full list of what you can catch on draft in our taproom.

First Lager
5.1% ABV

We like to begin at the beginning. Lagers have been around for centuries, and this is our take on a classic: the Pilsner. With a foundation of Midwest malt plus plenty German hops, First Lager is both bright and refreshing. Great any time. Best with friends.

Ride or Die
Pale Ale
5.5% ABV

Ride or Die is a Pale Ale you can depend on — a bona fide fridge staple. Bright neon flavors of grapefruit and pine give way to a pleasantly soft malt base and a quick slice of balancing bitterness. Reliably tasty without a fuss.

Going Places
6.8% ABV

Going Places is an IPA for those on the up-and-up. A vibrant combo of new-wave hops offers fresh citrus, tropical fruit and sticky pine with a prickly finish, putting this hoppy bev on the path ahead. Let’s get it.

Table Salt
Gose-style Sour
4.3% ABV

An exceedingly refreshing Gose-style sour ale brewed with French grey sea salt, lemongrass, lime leaf and cardamom. Huge lemon-lime aroma with balanced tartness and salinity alongside a pillowy body.

Great News
5.6% ABV

Great News is a Saison well-equipped for both the dinner table and a night out with friends. A classic fermentation profile of fruit, pepper, and citrus is combined with a slightly elevated hop presence that brightens both aroma and flavor, making this an all-purpose drinker.

Big Cold Brew
Imperial Coffee Stout
9% ABV

Big Cold Brew is an Imperial Coffee Stout — the winterized version of its summertime counterpart. Added weight and richness set the stage for large doses of coffee, with each year showcasing a new selection.

2019 Coffee:Peru | David Flores Typica

24:37 Red IPA
6.5% ABV

A blend of roasted malts give this IPA its red hue and malty backbone, while the addition of Sorachi Ace hops offer a floral, lemongrass accent. Named after the length of a day on Mars.

Off Black
Black Pils
4.6% ABV

A Black Pils at the intersection of the bold and the easy-going. Dark roasted malts play front and center, but firm noble hopping and modest alcohol reel it back to its crisp, refreshing endpoint.

Dry-Hopped Apricot Wild Ale
6.2% ABV

An oak-aged apricot wild ale made from a blend of four barrels, then dry-hopped with Ekuanot a few days before packaging. The melon and citrus from the Ekuanot work in concert with an overall low acid profile and a pronounced funk.

Smoked Helles
5.0% ABV

A smoked lager brewed with cherrywood smoked malt, giving it a hint of savory smoke on the nose that leads right into an drinkable helles lager base.

Bottles & Cans

Our team brews and packages all our beer at our brewery on Milwaukee Ave, which we think is pretty neat. Along with the mainstay cans that are available all year, we love brewing limited special releases.

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